Office Policies


Covid Screening
TTo help minimize the spread of the virus and keep you safe, please wear a mask and wash your hands regularly. All patients must wear masks into the office. Any staff, patient facing, are also required to wear a mask. Masks must cover your nose and must not have a ventilator. You may be asked to change your mask and wear a clinic-provided mask that meets public health standards. You will be asked to sanitize your hands before entering the clinic.

What you must bring to each appointment

  • Your OHIP (health) card. You may be charged for the appointment if you do not have a valid health card.
  • Name and dosage of recent medications prescribed or changed by other physicians
  • Updates to your contact information

Medication Refills
Your doctor will prescribe enough medications to last you until a follow-up appointment is needed. Please keep track of your medication supply and contact your pharmacy to fax us a refill request at least one week before you run out.

Referrals and Investigations
It can take several weeks to arrange referrals to specialist and special investigations. If you have not heard about an appointment after 2-3 weeks, please call our office to check on the status of the referral. Alternatively, you may be given contact information for the specialist office in order to contact them directly.

Missed Appointments
If you are unable to make your appointment and do not notify the office, there will be a charge for the missed appointment.

Privacy and Confidentiality
Queen Square is committed to maintaining your privacy and confidentiality. We abide by all the legislative requirements for your personal health information. If you have privacy concerns, please contact our clinic managers to discuss. Our CEO, Steve Sheldrick, is the designated Privacy Officer for further consultation.

Consent and Disclosure (individuals over 16 years of age)
You must complete a consent and disclosure form to authorize anyone else besides your self to access your personal health information. This includes your immediate family (spouse, children, parents, etc.).

Scent-free and Smoke-free Environment
Queen Square is committed to providing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for all our staff and patients.
Scented products can affect our staff and patients who are sensitive or have allergies. All individuals are asked to refrain from wearing or using scented personal products while in the office.